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Upcoming… Coffee Night!!!

Another installment of Coffee Night is upon us!!  Performances, food, fellowship, good people, and of course… coffee!!  Check out the flyer below for details.  If you’re in the area, stop by and support!!

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Pics… “All Are One” Youth Camp

Last weekend, approximately 30 people from EL-Youth Fellowship attended the “All Are One” youth camp in Liloan, Cebu City, held at Cloud of Glory, Prayer Mountain.  They focused their theme on Galatians 3:28, that there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for all are one in Christ Jesus.  Over two days, they held worship sessions, group devotions, team presentations, and a sunrise worship devotion on top of the hill overlooking the city and the ocean.  Over 36 hours, the youth spent time, growing, learning about one another, crying with one another, opening, and learning how to love one another.  It was a blessed experience.  And additionally so, they raised enough to hold camp for 2012!  Praise God!  Check out the pics below!

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Pics and Recap… Jesus Walk Rally, San Diego!!!

The JesusWalk Rally in National City was such a tremendous blessing and encouragement.  From the first time I walked into the church I could sense such sweet love pouring from many of the youth in attendance.  For example, as I walked into the foyer a young man approached me with a signed that read:  “Free Fen Hugs.” I don’t know if it was a joke or something he wanted to do, but he wouldn’t let me take a picture of Him unless I gave him a hug to which a readily agreed.

Entering the church I was greeted by Brother Ray Cruz, the coordinator of JesusWalk and was introduced to many of the youth leaders and workers.  Immediately I recognized Brother Lutz Abella and another member of CatalystLTM manning the registration table. A smile and a handshake was all it took for me to think, “This is love.”

As I went around taking pictures I looked up at the Projector screen to see a timer countdown.  As the clock started from five minutes down to three, two, one and finally zero there was a feeling of excitement in the air.  People were read to meet with Jesus that night!

Worship was quickly lead by the house band playing “Everything’s so different,” “The Heart of Worship”, and finally ended with “Hosanna.”

As the music played youth and adults raised their hands and closed their eyes in a form of surrender and worship to God.  Even the seven photographers including myself had to stop hopping from corner to corner taking pictures, just to give God worship!

One thing I did remember was what the Lead Worshipper said, “Lord it’s so inspiring to see fellow believers from other churches.  God help us to be an inspiration to others…”

As we sat back down in our pews, a video of last year’s Jesus walk flashed on screen.  Then one of the youth leaders named Chino came up to explain a little of the purpose of the Jesus Walk Rallies.

“What is Jesus Walk?,” Chino asked. “It’s seminars led by passionate teachers of God’s Word, testimonies, most importantly you’ll have a chance to register for the conference.”

“Workshops, conferences, music! Last year’s theme was “Let Go.” This year’s theme:  “Trust” based on Proverbs 3:5-6.

Will you trust God with everything you have?”

After he spoke another video appear on screen.  This time three people were saying the things they put their trust in:  “I put my trust in money, I put my trust in alcohol, I put my trust in my friends,” and it ended with all three on the video saying, “I should have put my trust in God.”

Then the speaker came.  Paul Daniew.  Very engaging, funny, bold speaker of God’s Word who introduced himself as a Palestinian who loves Jesus and whose  last name means “baby bear.”

The following are some excerpts from Paul Daniew’s message:

  • Let me tell you this thought… what is a game changer?  It’s like when one team is owning the game and then something drastic happens that the team finds themselves in a dangerous position or even lose the game itself.
  • Game changer, something as simple as foul trouble.  Or when something happens that it is defining and they either have a chance or their team loses..
  • A shifting in momentum… Statistically 3 out of 4 in this church will not follow Jesus by the end of the year.   Do you know in Ocean beach… 97% of people there don’t go to church.  They just claim it by title.
  • Do you know your serving a “dangerous God?”
  • Trust… and maybe you’re saying it’s kind of boring.  How do we get there and why should we?  The danger and the risk is when God just shows up to handle.  Have YOU encountered Christ?  He has a love for you so desperate that he wants you back by going to the cross for YOU!
  • (referring to God’s Kingdom coming) It’s that WE get to see the king of glory change the world!  The paths being straight means God kingdom come… and that is your inheritance as a child of a King… and there is no way we can see this path of God without trust.
  • Here’s the point:  You will only trust God to the direct proportion of knowing his love for you.
  • I want you to describe a person you love the most.. Now describe God.  Was it different when you described your friend?  Usually it is but how come it doesn’t seem the same way with God?
  • Most of what we know of God is second hand knowledge… but this is where the rubber meets the road… he wasn’t sent here to be your sin management…
  • There is SO much more to God… and you can’t know that without trust
  • What would he say about you? Is he pleased with your life?

After His sermon there was an altar call where several youth came up to receive Christ as Lord and Savior or to recommit themselves to Him.  Tears flowed and hands were raised in submission and worship to God.

After the altar call came a quick raffle of shirts and a JesusWalk Bag, and then a closing song where again, the youth rushed to the front of the stage to worship and praise God.

Although it was nearly a 2 hour drive from my house to the JesusWalk Rally in San Diego, it was totally worth it.  To see so many youth with such a zeal for the Lord spoke volumes to me that I just can’t describe.  So, interested in going to the next JesusWalk Rally or even the conference at Hope International University on July 7-10 in Fullteron, California?  Check out or search them on Facebook @ “JesusWalk.”  Hope to see you all there!

-Pictures and Article by Jude Santos

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Upcoming… Refresh!!!

Refresh.. a Night of Worship coming soon!  Check out the following letter from Teresa Macktal for details on this event!  Prayer and Fast people!

Hello friends,

As you know, Refresh is only 5 days away!!! Yay!!! We hope you are getting as excited as we are for the amazing stuff God is going to be doing that night!

We wanted to let you know, that we now know what we are going to be eating! From 6:00-7:00p.m., for the first 50 people that come, we will be serving teriyaki chicken and pinneaple skewers with rice and asparagus! For only $5 a plate!!! Yuuummm!!! You don’t want to miss this, so make sure you are there on time!

Also, there are still spots open on the prayer and food ministries. If you would like to help out with any of those, please let us know and we can get involved with the people heading up those ministries!

Lastly, we are expecting God to do awesome things this night. God has encountered us every year in ways we wouldn’t expect, and we know that He can do it again. We are asking you to join us in a 3 day Daniel Fast from Wednesday at 6p.m. to Saturday at 6p.m. If you have never fasted before, this is a perfect way to start. Join others in crying out to God and asking for Him to show up and bring freedom, surrender, and His children into a deeper relationship with Him. 🙂 If you have any questions about corporate fasting, please let us know, and if you would like more information about what a Daniel Fast is, here is a great website we recommend. =)

Would you join us in seeking God’s face, asking Him to move in mighty ways, and preparing our hearts for whatever God has in store for us? =]

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International Upcoming… Jesus Festival!!

Here in the Philippines, in General Santos, Upper Bicutan, Taguig City, the Jesus Festival 2011 is being held at Taguig City University!  If you’re in the area, check it out!  Free admission!  See the flyer below for more details!!

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Upcoming.. JesusWalk Rally Oakland!!!

So so sorry!!.. we know that the San Francisco/Oakland rally is going on today and we didn’t jump on posting the flyer!  Our fault..!  Fresh off the rally in good ol’ sunny So Cal, JW faithful is hittin up the Bay for another awesome event…!  Check out the flyer below for more details!!

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Upcoming… JesusWalk!!

It’s that time again!  Let’s get pumped for Jesus Walk 2011!!  Check out the flyer below for details on the start of the Jesus Walk rallies!

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Pics… Worship Seminar PCC!!!

On February 19, 2011, Pastor Bo Martin of Greenleaf Avenue Baptist Church came to PCC Baldwin Park to speak on the topic of Worship.  Many of the members of the worship team and also the choir joined in on the event.  The morning started with Brother Ed Augustin leading the people in some praise songs then Pastor Bo Martin began the worship seminar with a verse from the bible:

1 Corinthians 10:31, “Whether, then, you eat or drink whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

Pastor Bo went on to say that everything we do must be to worship God.  From peeling potatoes, working, and even making ones bed.  Then he asked for people to give their personal testimonies then explained that if one’s life were not a testimony to Him, then it would be problematic when bringing the congregation to worship.

One of the most memorable quotes from Pastor Bo was when he said, “If you are here in the worship team as a stepping stone to American Idol, then you’re in the wrong place.  God is to gain all the glory, not you.”

Personally speaking, God really brought about conviction to how I see and do worship.  One thing Pastor Bo explain was that one cannot sing a song like, “Give us clean hands, give us pure hearts,” if we are harboring sin or have an unforgiving spirit.  How much more then, leading a congregation when you’re lying to yourself and your walk with God.

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International Pics… EL-YF Movie Night!!!

On February 19, 2011, over 20 youth gathered on the grounds of the EL-Church Forest Hills complex to watch the movie FireProof.  Before watching the film, they broke the ice with a couple revised games of Caterpillar (half way through the race, the leader had to drink from a baby bottle) and Trip to Jerusalem/Musical Chairs (running to chairs located through the room rather than around it).  Popcorn, snacks and sodas eated during the movie and when we were reminded of the truth that God can change our hearts, an invitation was given for those who had not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Check out the pics below!

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Pics and Review!… PCC Choir Banquet!!

On February 5, 2011 the choir ministry of Pilipino Community Church, along with some friends and family, celebrated their yearly choir banquet with this year’s theme being “Around the World.”  The event started with each choir group entering as if being introduced into the United Nations.  A game was played with everyone in the room going around with names of either a country or capital and trying to find each other’s pair.  Next, some testimonies were spoken from those who had joined the choir last year.  Then a wonderful dinner was served prepared by some of the choir members.  After everyone was done eating, words of encouragement were spoken by Pastor James and Pastor Paul. They encouraged the choir by reminding them to be disciplined in the ministry and knowing that through the choirs singing, others have been strengthen in their walk with God and even been saved through the Gospel message by song.  The night finally ended with an awards ceremony and a recommitment to the ministry of the choir.

Below are some pictures of the night!

-Jude Santos

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