Posted by: elintlpasadena | February 20, 2011

Pics and Review!… PCC Choir Banquet!!

On February 5, 2011 the choir ministry of Pilipino Community Church, along with some friends and family, celebrated their yearly choir banquet with this year’s theme being “Around the World.”  The event started with each choir group entering as if being introduced into the United Nations.  A game was played with everyone in the room going around with names of either a country or capital and trying to find each other’s pair.  Next, some testimonies were spoken from those who had joined the choir last year.  Then a wonderful dinner was served prepared by some of the choir members.  After everyone was done eating, words of encouragement were spoken by Pastor James and Pastor Paul. They encouraged the choir by reminding them to be disciplined in the ministry and knowing that through the choirs singing, others have been strengthen in their walk with God and even been saved through the Gospel message by song.  The night finally ended with an awards ceremony and a recommitment to the ministry of the choir.

Below are some pictures of the night!

-Jude Santos


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